Highs & Lows

by Journals

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Written and Produced by Andy Johnson


released November 2, 2015


all rights reserved



Journals West Des Moines, Iowa

Journals is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Andy Johnson. He resides in Des Moines, IA with his wife and 3 kids. During the day, Andy spends his time as a children's pastor at a local church.

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Track Name: Highs & Lows
We are a ship
Tossed back and forth
Our anchor’s holding fast
Not drifting away

We are a tree
With our roots sinking deep
Swaying back and forth
Not falling down
Not falling down

Love we’re living it
We’re living it
Through the highs through the lows
We’re making it
We’re making it

We are a home
That’s weathered many storms
We’re worn, scraped and scarred
Not broken down

We are two hearts
Beating in sync
Bringing hope into the dark
Into the dark
Track Name: Sounds of Change
Open our eyes
Open our eyes
To see the things we’ve been missing

Open our ears
Open our ears
To be still, to sit and listen

Moving our feet
Moving our feet
To the sounds of change

What have we become?
We need a little more of this
Unconditional love
Live for something bigger than
Ourselves in our own little world
Every woman, man, boy and girl
Needs love in this broken world

You’re breaking our hearts
Breaking our hearts
For the ones who are lost and forgotten

Renewing our minds
Renewing our minds
To live our lives with great compassion

Moving our souls
Moving our souls
To the sounds of change
Track Name: Best of Friend
I wanna be the best of friend
Stick with you till the end
No matter in good times and bad

I wanna be right by your side
Through heartaches and joys of life
I want you to be my babe

Oh oh oh it’s not always easy
Oh oh oh we lose our way
So we fix our eyes on the Skyline
Burdens of the world fade away

Through thick or thin
From where we’re going to where we’ve been
From our start until our end
I wanna be the best of friend

Mountaintops and valleys deep below
You hold my hand and don’t let go
We’re climbing higher than before
Track Name: Graveyard
I’ve been going through the motions
Playing it safe
Focused on fulfillment
But looking in the wrong place
Is what I’m living for worth dying for?
Or am I caught up in a trend?
Searching for meaning on the inside
But just keep hitting the same dead end

Pull me out of this graveyard
I’m giving in letting go
Shake the dust off these dry bones
Breathe life into my soul
Tear down the veil around my heart
Remove this disease that’s kept us apart
I’ve longed for a new life for so long

From darkness into wonderful light
I was once dead, then given brand new life
From lost and alone to rescued and loved
Once an enemy separated now adopted as a son

Darkness to light
Death to life
Lost to found
Enemy to son

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